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SteelSeries Rival 100 White Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 100

White Mouse
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Ny gamingmus från SteelSeries med 6st knappar och bakgrundsbelysning och med hela med 16.8 miljoner färger.

399 kr
 319kr exkl moms.

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4000 cpi
6 knappar
Optisk sensor


SteelSeries Rival 100 White Mouse

With entry-level priced mice, gamers are always sacrificing something. Whether it’s the illumination, number of side buttons, ergonomics or performance. The Rival 100 sacrifices nothing and delivers on every single feature option. The Rival 100 is the only fully equipped gaming mouse in its class.

What makes the Rival 100 the winner in its class? The sensor.

SteelSeries has been working for more than 3 years to create a best-in-class solution for the low-cost gaming mouse market. Form factor, ergonomics, switches, number of buttons are all important features, but over more than a decade of building award-winning mice, we’ve learned that at their core, it’s the sensor which determines mouse superiority and what movements will and will not be accurately and consistently tracked. Our research and development team quickly realized that what was being offered from peripheral makers like Logitech and Razer were decent and hit the right price point, but were not great and no where near good-enough for the competitive gaming circuit. The central reason why was because of the concessions that had to be made due to their choice in sensors. For the past year, SteelSeries has been working with sensor manufacturer PixArt to create an optimized sensor solution that would allow our mouse to do everything that our community of professional gamers and streamers needed and wanted. The enhancements made to create this new-breed sensor produce significant advantages for users, including: Superior tracking accuracy: Professional gamers depend on their gear’s tracking accuracy to perform those amazing super-human, reflex plays. That is why all SteelSeries Rival mice have zero hardware acceleration. The Rival 100’s optical sensor offers gamers true 1:1 tracking accuracy. Optimized lift-off distance: Unlike gaming mice that reduce tracking performance to achieve a lower lift off distance, the Rival 100 sacrifices nothing by offering the best tracking performance paired with an optimal low lift of distance making it the best gaming mouse in its class.

Important Rival 100 Features with Numbers that Beat the Competition: 140 IPS

Inches Per Second or IPS refers to the maximum speed at which they can be moved before their sensors lose their ability to track the movement. If a gamer exceeds the IPS setting the mouse will give off “jerky” movements – not tracking movement consistently. (SteelSeries Rival 100 has a 140IPS, while the Logitech G302 has only 100 IPS - keep in mind that these are both incredibly fast speeds, but it is very possible for gamers to reach past the 100 IPS point rendering mice that do not exceed 100 IPS to not track accurately).

20g Acceleration

Mouse acceleration is the velocity at which the mouse can register a change in movement. The Rival 100 will register a change in movement at speeds up to 20gs (or 200 meters per second) and still register your speed; it’s registering the change in speed. This is a relevant number to be aware of in games where flick-shots or reflex plays happen. (The Razer Abyssus registers only 15gs making the Rival 100 able to register a change in movement at a 33% faster pace.)

On the surface what makes the Rival 100 stand out?

The amount of buttons on the Rival 100 beats out all of the competition with a total of 6 buttons. An entry-level priced mouse doesn’t mean gamers should have to sacrifice multiple button options.



  Beskrivning Rival 100 White Mouse
  Tillverkare SteelSeries
  Kategori Steelseries
  Upplagd 2015-11-11 16:45:39
  SKU 62335
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